Mediconecta Working to Bring Telemedicine to Pediatric Markets

Telemedicine provider Mediconecta will collaborate with Miami Children’s Health System to seed new products and services that expand telemedicine into the pediatric market.

Spanish-language telemedicine provider Mediconecta, based in Miami, will work with Miami Children’s Health System (MCHS) and its partner Startupbootcamp to seed new products and services in the telehealth industry. The collaboration will support Miami Children’s telehealth outreach and encourage new ways for telemedicine to serve the pediatric market throughout the U.S. and Latin America, according to MCHS CEO Dr. Narendra Kini. Nine companies will work on initiatives that include providing virtual consultations using Mediconecta’s platform, integrating telehealth devices with daily operations, and sharing knowledge related to data tracking and quality measurement. Estimates for the size of the telemedicine market by 2021 range from US$9.3 billion to over US$40 billion, depending on the source. —TSM

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