Myanmar Opens First Private Medical Laboratory

Thai medical service provider National Healthcare Systems Co. Ltd. teamed up with two Myanmar firms to open the clinical lab.

National Healthcare Systems Co. Ltd. (N Health), a leading Thai medical service provider, in conjunction with Myanmar firms Sea Lion Group and Bahosi Hospital, created the first government-licensed private medical laboratory in Myanmar. The establishment further extends N Health’s footprint in the country, and those behind the deal hope the lab’s capacity for cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment will benefit the entire country. The venture could also spur similar quality improvement projects in both Myanmar’s public and private sectors, which ultimately could increase accessibility of healthcare services to citizens across the country. The development of the lab was funded by an initial US$2.5 million (Bt90 million) investment, with N Health owning 60 percent of the investment, and the other 40 percent split equally between Sea Lion Group and Bahosi Hospital. The lab will employ 25 staff trained by professionals from N Health Thailand and hopes to acquire the highest laboratory accreditation in the country, an honor that would make them the first in Myanmar’s history. —AA

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