Moinhos de Vento Hospital Pioneers Patient Safety Initiative in Brazil

The Safe Patient Project, developed in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Health, is a safety and quality initiative set to be implemented in 15 key institutions throughout Brazil.

The Safe Patient Project, launched in Porto Alegre at the end of 2016, was developed by Moinhos de Vento Hospital in a partnership with Brazil’s Ministry of Health as part of the National Patient Safety Program established in 2013. Moinhos de Vento Hospital was recruited to spearhead the initiative for being a model in striving for improvements in patient care. Studies show that about 10 percent of hospitalized patients suffer adverse events — complications patients encounter when receiving hospital care — and it is estimated that about 67 percent of those errors, such failures in medication administration and patient falls, could be avoided in Brazilian hospitals. The goal of the Safe Patient Project is to reduce the number of hospital errors and ensure patient safety in Brazilian healthcare institutions through educating medical practitioners on risk management processes and empowering them to report these adverse events. It also includes the development of management tools, of education and training materials, and of an exchange system where best practices can be shared and promoted among the participants of this pilot program. The project is set to be implemented throughout 2017 in 15 public and philanthropically funded hospitals that have ICUs and that perform high-complexity procedures in all regions of Brazil. —TSM

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