Israel Medical Device Company Expands to China

Israel-based medical device company EarlySense has partnered with Shenzhen Lachesis mHealth, a Chinese healthcare company, to expand its products into Asia.

The allure for investment in China’s healthcare market still holds true, and Israel’s booming medical device company EarlySense has made its way into the country’s ever-growing healthcare infrastructure. EarlySense, the medical device company that created a bedside monitor that tracks patient respiration, heart rate and motion, has partnered with China-based Shenzhen Lachesis mHealth, which creates smart healthcare and mobile health technologies. Lachesis’ current tech developments, which are compiled into an Intelligent Hospital Ward Solution system, include a diagnosis and treatment assistant, a nurse information system, an Internet of Things (IoT) management system, and a patient monitoring system, among other technologies that help improve care delivery. These capabilities will combine with EarlySense’s contact-free monitoring system to streamline healthcare services, as well as minimize hospital staff responsibility by transferring information on patient condition directly to staff’s working stations and handheld devices. The vice president of international sales and marketing at EarlySense noted China is a target market for the company, and has sought out partnerships in the past to expand its product base in the region: EarlySense, for instance, signed with Samsung in 2015 to introduce its product into the Asian market. The new Intelligent Hospital Ward platform was just revealed at the China International Medical Equipment Fair in Shanghai this past week. —AA

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