Home Care Monitoring System Launches in Brazil

A Brazilian joint venture has introduced a home care monitoring system, called mCare, to streamline healthcare delivery to patients that are homebound.

The Hospitalar forum, one of Latin America’s largest healthcare events, just concluded in Brazil. New technology was introduced at the conference by Montreal, an IT solutions integrator company, and Elar, a healthcare management company. The companies formed a joint venture to create mCare, a healthcare monitoring system that tracks patients’ conditions and can send health indicators like temperature, blood pressure and other measures directly to physicians or hospitals. The platform can be used to consistently monitor patients that receive care within their homes. The technology utilizes bluetooth connectivity to transmit the data to a smartphone or other similar device that can then be accessed by a physician who can provide analysis and advice. Once patient information, such as vital sign data, is transmitted to physicians, it is collected and stored within Montreal’s cloud-based system called MI Box. In its earliest stages, mCare will have two different thermometers, an oximeter, a pressure gauge, a meter and a scale, and the companies are hoping to provide additional offerings later on. The team behind the mCare system hopes it will improve the monitoring of home-based patients by enabling constant contact with health professionals, ultimately reducing errors and improving care delivery. —AA

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