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Steven J. Thompson


Six Ways to Succeed as New Leader, World Economic Forum, Nov. '14
Getting Big Results from a Small Business Unit, Harvard Business Review, Sept. '13
The Perils of Partnering in Developing Markets, Harvard Business Review, June '12

LinkedIn Posts

The Joy of Risk, Dec. '13

David H. Freedman



A Reality Check for IBM’s AI Ambitions, MIT Technology Review, June '17
IBM Watson's machine-learning system is overhyped, but it can still make medicine smarter.
Inside the movement to engineer healthier lives for Americans by rethinking the places they live.
A report from a bold experiment in Michigan.
The War on Stupid People, The Atlantic, Aug. '16
American society increasingly mistakes intelligence for human worth
Basic Income: A Sellout of the American Dream, MIT Technology Review, June '16
Schemes for giving everyone a guaranteed income are not what they're cracked up to be
A Plan to Fix the Obesity Crisis, Scientific American, June '15
Science has identified four steps to losing weight that can improve the odds of success
The Startups Saving Healthcare, Inc. Magazine, Feb. '14
The ACA is fueling a hot new industry that uses mobile technology to curb health spending.
Thousands of start-ups will go under for lack of Series A funding. But is that a problem?
The Truth about Genetically Modified Food, Scientific American, Sept. '13
A look into why the genetic modification of food has become such contentious issue
How Junk Food Can End Obesity, The Atlantic, Aug. '13
Cover story on how demonizing processed food may be dooming many to obesity and disease
Warped Sense of Time Heightens Temptations, Scientific American, Mar. '13
Impulsivity arises from a tendency to want small imminent rewards more than big future benefits
Survival of the Wrongest, Columbia Journalism Review, Jan. '13
Personal-health journalism ignores the fundamental pitfalls baked into all scientific research
The Perfected Self, The Atlantic, June '12
Cover story on modern applications of B. F. Skinner’s notorious theory of behavior modification
A Formula for Economic Calamity, Scientific American, Nov. '11
Despite the lessons of the 2008 collapse, Wall Street is betting our future on flimsy science
Why Economic Models Are Always Wrong, Scientific American, Oct. '11
Why the most used financial-risk models are almost sure to get us in trouble
China Beckons for Green-Energy StartupsMIT Technology Review, Sept. '11
Boston Power’s move reflects China’s willingness to provide strategic incentives for certain industries
The Triumph of New-Age MedicineThe Atlantic, July '11
Western medicine is embracing alternative medicine, kind of
How to Fix the Obesity Crisis, Scientific American, Feb. '11
The key to successful weigh control may lie outside of purely metabolic processes
The quest of one scientist to expose the bad science of his peers
Brain Control, MIT Technology Review, Oct. '10
Ed Boyden is learning how to alter behavior by using light to turn neurons on and off.
We may have sequenced the human genome, but gene-specific drugs are still science fiction
The Perils of OrderNewsweek (International Edition), Mar. 5, ’07
What goes wrong when the leaders of nations try to neaten up the world
Mitchell Baker and the Firefox ParadoxInc. Magazine, Feb. ’07
How Mozilla is rewriting the rules of management
The Future of AdvertisingInc. Magazine, Aug. ’05
The coming explosion in intelligent advertising
Why Privacy Won’t MatterNewsweek (International Edition), Apr. 3, ’06
Cover story on why you’ll let Google, Yahoo and other companies track you
Relax. Let Your Guard DownInc. Magazine, Aug. ’06,
The benefits of not patenting things
Chasing Cancer, Newsweek (International Edition), Sep. 19, ’06
A new approach to cancer research
The Silicon Guinea PigTechnology Review, June ’04
Can silicon microchips mimic living organisms?
The Virtual HeartTechnology Review, Mar. ’04
The software heart that could save your life
Reinventing the MouseNewsweek, Jul. 7, ’03 (Domestic and International editions)
The role of genetically engineered mice in drug research

Leslie Brokaw


Frommer's Montreal Day by Day. 2016.
Frommer's EasyGuide to Montreal and Quebec City. 2015.

MIT Sloan Management Review Posts

The Customer-Inventor Revolution, Mar. '17
The ways that consumer-users improve product through tinkering has evolved over the past decade
From the Archives: How to Reshore Manufacturing Successfully, Feb. '17
Manufacturers thinking about bringing operations back to the U.S. need to weigh the challenges
Customer Relationships Get the Data Treatment, Oct. '16
A data tool from South Africa's Nedbank helps its clients understand their customers' shopping patterns
The Easy Industry Research Hardly Anybody Uses, Mar. '15
Before introducing a new product to an emerging industry, companies should track the evolution of its category labels
The Key to Business Success: 'Stringing Multiple Opportunities Together', Dec. '14
New research looks at the strategies executives use in capturing new growth opportunities
Online 'Chatter Data' is Big Data Gold, Oct. '14
Brands want to know what people talk about on Twitter and Facebook ó what's known by marketers as "chatter data"
When an IT Project 'Goes Red', Oct. '14
Health care insurer WellPoint discovered that declaring a project is in trouble is exactly what can turn things around
The Surprising Effectiveness of 'Assembly Line' Innovation, Aug. '14
Unconventional approaches to innovation at companies like China's WuXi AppTec are making R&D faster and cheaper
How to Compensate For Overoptimistic Project Leaders, Aug. '14
Leaders can avoid unhappy project status surprises if they understand how and why people avoid sharing bad news
After a Social Media Gaffe: How to Recover and Not Dig a Bigger Hole, Jul. '14
Quick action and a sense of humor helped the American Red Cross recover from a Twitter gaffe
'Diverge Before You Converge': Tips for Creative Brainstorming, Feb. '14
A WHO/Lilly Foundation summit showed that effective brainstorming comes from mixing individual thinking and group discussion
Womenís World Banking: A Model Knowledge Network, Jan. '14
Knowledge networks are helping members of organizations of all sizes collaborate productively
Are Companies Ready for the New Global Executive?, Dec. '13
Tomorrow's leaders will be a more diverse group than today's, which will create special challenges
How To Develop a Useful 'Why' Statement, Nov. '13
Asking why you're embarking on a project before you begin raises the project's chance of success
Five Steps To Leading Change Successfully, Aug. '13
Before making a change, identify who can push the project forward, or cause it to stall
'Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen.' Dec. '12
In global economic development projects, success comes from becoming "a servant of the local passion"
The 'Benefit Corporation' Movement, Nov. '12
A new corporate structure requires companies to weigh their effect on the environment and community
How to Build Your Creative Confidence, Jul. '12
Creativity can be coaxed out of people, says IDEO's David Kelley: It turned an MRI machine into a pirate ship

South Africa Partners Interviews

Looking Forward, Looking Back
Q&A with Dr. Howard Koh, Harvey V. Fineberg Professor of the Practice of Public Health Leadership at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health
The Scale Up: Next Steps in Expanding HIV Support in South Africa
Q&A with Joellen Lambiotte, senior program advisor for Jhpiego, a health organization affiliate of Johns Hopkins University
New Partnership Focuses on Early Childhood Development
Q&A with Martin Scholz, project manager for the University of Fort Hare Early Childhood Development Centre Of Excellence

Jacqueline DiChiara


From Past to Present: The COMPASS – A look back upon the first improvisational company that forever changed the face of theatre University of Chicago Library, Special Collections Research Center, 2006 (co-written)
That Movie in Your Head: Guide to Improvising Stories on Video Gere Publishing, 2005 (co-written)

LinkedIn Posts

What Becoming a Professor at 24 Taught Me about the Power of Education Feb. ‘17
 3 Business Networking Commandments It’s Okay to Ignore July ‘16


Why Healthcare Needs Value-Based Supply Chain Management, RevCycleIntelligence, Feb. ‘16
Como a transformação cultural pode fazer a Segurança do Paciente avançar, Instituto Brasileiro para Excelência em Saúde, Feb. ‘16
How Massachusetts General Hospital Excels at Revenue Cycle Management, RevCycleIntelligence, April ‘15
Are Medicare Pay-for-Performance Benefits Worth the Risk?, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, Sept. ‘15
Comparing Party Platforms: ACA, Abortion, Medicaid, CureMD, Oct. 2016
 How Physician Shortages are Transforming Healthcare’s Future, RevCycleIntelligence, Nov. ‘15
6 Healthcare IT Conferences Worth Attending in 2017, Healthcare IT Leaders, Jan. ‘17
What Not to Expect from Trumpcare, Boston Patch, Feb. ‘17
How Business Intelligence, CDI Focus Sharpens Revenue Cycle, RevCycleIntelligence, Dec. ‘15
EHR Optimization, Population Health Top Priorities for Health IT Spending, Healthcare IT Leaders, Feb. ‘17
Why Did Experienced Accountable Care Organizations Fail?, RevCycleIntelligence, Jan. ‘16
40 Top Health IT Blogs for 2016, Healthcare IT Leaders, Sept. ‘16
Why Executives are Demanding Supply Chain Management Value, Prodigo Solutions, Feb. ‘16
How to Sustainably Bend the Cadillac Tax Cost Curve, RevCycleIntelligence, Dec. ‘15
9 Things Hospitals Can Do Now to Tighten Data Security, Healthcare IT Leaders, Aug. ‘16
Why Patient Advocacy is the New Future of Healthcare Reform, RevCycleIntelligence, Dec. 15
10 Predictions for Health IT in 2017, Healthcare IT Leaders, Jan. ‘17
How to Bend Healthcare’s Cost Curve Over the Next Decade, RevCycleIntelligence, Jan. ‘16
7 Ways to Beat Insomnia Fast and Sleep Better, Urgent Way, Feb. ‘17
Why Patient Experience Needs Transparency, Not Transactions, RevCycleIntelligence, Sept. ‘15