As CEO of Romania's Regina Maria healthcare network, Fady Chreih emphasizes preventive care."What we do as a company is try to convince people to go to the doctor when they are in better shape," he says, "so they won’t reach hospital facilities." Photo courtesy of Regina Maria

Q&A: Fady Chreih of Romania’s Regina Maria

As CEO of the growing Romania-based powerhouse Regina Maria, Fady Chreih is working to remake the country’s attitude about — and its access to — routine and preventive care. Regina Maria is the leading network of private healthcare facilities in Romania. Under its auspices are a broad range of healthcare delivery facilities: Four hospitals, including Baneasa Hospital for maternal-fetal medicine, which is the only healthcare facility in the country with accreditation from the Joint Commission International, and also the triple-internationally accredited Ponderas Academic Hospital; 33 multi-specialty clinics; more than 180...

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